CD Review from Jazz Inside NY Magazine (May 2010)
"HERE TODAY" - Review By Cathy Gruenfelder

"PJ Cotroneo's new CD Here Today is not something that would typically be reviewed in a jazz magazine. It features a collection of well written tunes complete with lyrics, lead vocals, and harmonies, but interspersed into these are a good share of instrumental solos to provide for the occasional face melting. Some of the songs are straight up rock, but others are more like rockabilly blues/jazz with walking bass lines, I-IV-V progressions and a swing groove with the hi-hat on two and four. Others come off like Django Reinhardt meets Tom Waits, such as "The Ballad of Big Mouth Ray and the Boys". Cotroneo is one of those modern musicians with more influences than he knows what to do with.
Mix this with great songwriting skills and the result is a really diverse collection of material.