The PJ Cotroneo Band's sound is an amalgam of gritty blues augmented by the improvisational aspect of jazz. Initially a blues guitarist, PJ moved to Antigua, West Indies where he met and subsequently began playing and studying with master jazz guitarist Roland Prince. While living in Antigua, PJ played in the Trinity Reggae and Calypso Band but soon started playing jazz exclusively in Roland's jazz quartet. PJ became greatly influenced by Roland and having fallen under the spell of jazz, he immersed himself in that music, eventually attending and graduating from The New School's Jazz/Contemporary Music program in Greenwich Village.

PJ also received his Master's degree in Jazz History from Rutgers University-Newark. He studied with jazz guitar maestro Vic Juris as well as playing various gigs around the New York/New Jersey area, and in 2003 PJ and a friend from his New School days organized a band and recorded. Though gigging around various jazz clubs in the New York/New Jersey area in support of their CD, PJ suddenly began to feel within him a reawakening of the blues influence he had pushed aside upon his becoming seriously interested in jazz. Recognizing that his path forward should accommodate all of the musical styles that define who he is as a musician, the musical concept of the PJ Cotroneo Band began to take shape. Whether blues, jazz, reggae or rock and roll, it is the confluence of different styles and playing experiences that give the band's sound and compositions the spirit and emotional depth that creates a unique musical identity. The PJ Cotroneo Band has appeared in many New York clubs such as Kenny's Castaways, Pianos, and The Bitter End, where their latest live CD was recorded in October of 2012. They have also appeared on the REW & WHO? internet video show in July 2013 which along with other clips can be found on You Tube by searching PJ COTRONEO BAND.